Helping Members Be Well

Reaching more than 2 million members each month, LifeTimes helps members get the most out of their health care dollars.

Why is building core strength important? How can you beat the winter blues? How can I make my favorite holiday meal healthier to eat? These are a few of the healthy living topics featured in the award-winning LifeTimes member newsletter. Sent to more than 2 million members each month by email, articles are also featured on the LifeTimes website and are easy to search by topic or keyword. LifeTimes delivers informative articles, resources and videos that may help members improve their health and learn how to use their health plan benefits to help get the most out of their health care dollars.

Health Information at Your Fingertips

The LifeTimes website has a wide range of helpful tips on:

Interactive tools, videos and other resources can help encourage members to take action to better their health. Health tips from other members and updates on ways we give back to the community are also featured.

Support for Chronic Conditions

Members who are dealing with common chronic health problems can find advice on how to improve or better manage their illness. The most common conditions featured include:

Tips on Health Plan Benefits

Health and wellness information is just part of what LifeTimes offers. The Benefits & Coverage section helps members get the most out of their health plan benefits by offering information on:

  • Health plan features
  • How to choose a doctor
  • Recommended health screenings and coverage
  • Where to go for care
  • Additional benefit resources, like Blue Access for MembersSM

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